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In 2009, the vision of Victory Park was dying and the lead developer handed over the keys calling the neighborhood a ‘bust’. Oh man were they ever wrong. Fast forward to 2018 and Victory Park is the fastest growing community in Dallas and we can proudly say this is our new favorite scene in the city.

The future developments the city has planned for Victory Park would blow your mind. Take a drive down Victory Ave and count the cranes, you’ll see many new projects are already underway. We’re talking massive skyscrapers. If you’ve been removed from Dallas for more than a year you might not even recognize Dallas’ hottest new neighborhood, the transformation is moving quick.

American Airlines Center has long been at the center of Victory Park. Home to the Stars and Mavs, there are many other events hosted at the stadium like concerts and performing arts shows. For years this area was known as American Airlines Arena and not much else. We can finally say Victory Park has changed that mantra as guests to AAC can find plenty to do before and after games.

The connecting area around Victory Lane is filled with restaurants, bars, and retail space. Happiest Hour is our number one pre-game spot for all things at AAC, and as you would imagine it lives up to its name as a crowd favorite happy hour. The rooftop terrace offers breathtaking views of Downtown and Victory Park, but rumor has is there are 8 new bars and restaurants expected to open in the area by summer 2018. This is just the beginning.

Victory Park wouldn’t leave you with just one option for music, in fact, it also holds one of Dallas’ favorite venues, The House of Blues. Stop by for dinner or catch some live music, either way, it’s an easy stroll back home. Another one of the areas main attractions is well underway and expected to be completed later this year. The 44,000-square foot building is scheduled to open later this year and will host Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas, apartments, retail, and office space. Reports show tons of new shopping headed this way.

Everywhere you walk in this neighborhood you will find yourself looking up at the new luxury high rises. And yes, if you are a resident of Victory Park you can walk to EVERYTHING including the Perot Museum and Katy Trail.

The apartments here are some of the most modern and luxurious in the city, to say the least. We’ve seen some of the coolest amenities from 25th-floor rooftop pools to 6,000 square foot gyms, every place has their unique stamp. The buildings here truly are sparing no expense but with so much growth in this area, we’ve been able to score some awesome deals on even better apartments. So, make sure you hit us of for those must have specials. You heard it here first, this mini-Manhattan is going to be the spot to be.


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