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Though still better known as an entertainment district featuring many of Dallas’ best bars and restaurants, Lower Greenville has recently cleaned up its rough-and-tumble reputation to become a close-knit community of residents committed to making their neighborhood even better. And, yes, many of them are usually up for a night out in the heart of the city.

Filled with a robust scene of bars and an ever-increasing number of noteworthy restaurants, this well-established neighborhood continues to stay trendy. The streets are always buzzing with activity, especially at night with its entertaining nightlife scene. Mix good eats with live music and you’re sure to have a good time.

Residents of Lower Greenville will find themselves within walking distance to some of the best rooftop bar and restaurant views in the city, making it one of the most popular spots for a summer night out. Although it’s another one of Dallas’ most popular neighborhoods, let’s not get it confused with the hype of Uptown life. Lower Greenville comes with a more relaxed vibe that has been a top place for young professionals to network. Saint Patrick’s Day comes as an exception as Greenville Ave transforms into THE block party to hit. Streets will shut down to make way for Dallas’ top parade as people from everywhere flock in celebration.

No matter the occasion or budget, Lower Greenville has it all. If you’re in the mood to kick back on a patio and enjoy a cold drink with your meal, Greenville Ave. is the place to go. Choose anywhere from fine dining to late night pizza for one of the most unique food experiences the city has to offer, and don’t forget about those outdoor food trucks. So many must-try restaurants to add to the list.

The electric bar and restaurant scene has given Lower Greenville it’s well-liked reputation, but don’t let their claim to fame overshadow other highlights in the town. Live music? No problem. Concert venues like the Grenada Theatre have become a main attraction to catch some live music or walk down the street to see what bars are hosting evening musicians. If you’re in the mood to get a good laugh make sure to check out one of the comedy clubs, one of the few neighborhoods with this feature.

Shop til you drop with one of the best outdoor shopping areas at Mockingbird Station or grab food for the week at their famous organic grocery stores, it’s all in the ‘hood’. Starting to see why this is a top place to live yet?

Speaking of living, that’s what we’re all about. Lower Greenville has tons to offer and so do the apartments. Whether you’re a student at SMU, a young professional looking to network, or one of the many Dallas transplants, there’s a place for everyone looking to have a good time.

Luxury finishes at an affordable price make the apartments along Henderson an attractive place to check out. State of the art fitness centers and resort style pools have become the standard these days, apartments trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’ means better options for you. Just let us know if you want to be in the midst of the nightlife scene or shopping at your fingertips, we know all the winners. With all the best city-life offerings, this great community will not disappoint.


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