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Las Colinas is another up and coming suburb of the Dallas area. The city has long been known as a business district and that hasn’t slowed down as many new businesses continue to relocate here. There’s been a growing workforce and because of that, they’re building a large assortment of brand new luxury apartments.

The city has a feeling of rich history with monuments and statues that can be seen throughout the business district. Much of the land around Las Colinas remained undeveloped for years but all that has changed recently. Almost all of the apartment buildings are new and we bet you won’t have to look far to find another lot breaking ground.

Las Colinas has a quiet feel but you get the sense it’s growing quickly with all the new construction. There are some unique southern style restaurants in the area and country clubs to go with it. We love these kinds of places that make you proud to be in Texas. If you’re looking for bars you won’t get caught up in the pretentious scene here. Las Colinas bars remain true to the roots of the city with a small-town vibe.

In this centrally located area, you have a straight shot to downtown on one end and easy access to the DFW International Airport on the other. If you’re looking for things to do in the city, the Mandalay Canal is one of our favorite attractions here. It’s a peaceful area to relax with shops and restaurants or a great jogging trail for those who like to stay active.

Whether you’re working in Las Colinas or a member at one of the exclusive country clubs, there’s a spacious new apartment with your name on it. So many luxurious options to choose from and specials worth talking about make this city a hot spot for those looking to step away from the downtown scene. We’ve seen tons of new apartments in this area and the deals would blow your mind. If you’re looking to get more bang for your buck make sure you let the apartment hunters do the work.


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